Designed for You with Safety in Mind


Nearly a quarter of the world’s 1.25 million traffic related deaths every year are motorcyclists.

In the US, riding motorcycles is considered 35 times as lethal as driving a car. NHTSA 2007.

Still, for most people in middle and low income countries, the motorcycle is the only viable mode of transportation.

1.25 Million yearly traffic deaths

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Leading cause of death among young
(15-29 years)

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75% are male

infographic icon pedestrian

50% are unprotected

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300 000 motorcycle deaths
(2/3 in SE Asia and Pacific)

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93% due to human error
(accidents, 40% inattention and distraction)

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Motorcycle accidents cost approx. 115B USD
(in SE Asia and Pacific)


LIVI brings modern user interface technology to light vehicles in the safest possible manner.

In order to increase adoption, systems must be efficient and enjoyable to use while maintaining a price point in order to make it accessible to everyone.

Designed for you with safety in mind

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Connected displays with low distraction level

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Make helmets attractive by adding desireable features

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Intuitive touch and button based controls

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Advanced driver assistance systems

Our Offer

Our creative engineering and design team at LIVI supply custom turnkey infotainment solutions including accessories directly to manufacturers of light vehicles.

Product development/tier 1 supplier

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Agile product development teams: automotive, tech software and ux

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Product, interface and service design

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Turnkey infotainment solutions focused on light vehicle demands

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Industrialisation together with leading manufacturing partners

Join us! - We are always looking for talent

At LIVI you will work in small product development teams where 5-8 multi-talented engineers create great products for the end user as well as our OEM customers on a global market.

You will follow the product through its lifecycle from business acquisition and requirement specification to industrialisation.

Every person in a product development team is able and willing to take on several roles in the team that has a joint responsibility of the quality of the product.

As LIVIs team and offer expands, you will rotate between different product teams.

Interaction Designer


Creates wireframes and defines interaction patterns for LIVIs concepts and products. Drives the product UX together with the product manager, and is responsible for coordination of software engineering and UI design roles. Interfaces with LIVIs customers to quickly define their design language and lay the foundation to create customized interfaces for each customer while still keeping a homogenous feel in the product range. Test and ensures quality assurance on the products from pixel to silicon.


  • Portfolio.
  • Iterates quickly in relevant software.
  • Has strong presentation skills.
  • Is structured and clear.
Graphic Designer


Creates assets and GUI implementations in prototypes and production.


  • Portfolio.
  • Iterates quickly in relevant software.
  • Is creative and has a strong ability to adapt to different OEM styles.
Industrial Designer


Creates surface design for the LIVI Products. Is responsible for physical ergonomics and initial material selection.


  • Portfolio.
  • Iterates quickly in relevant software.
  • Is creative and has a strong ability to adapt to different OEM styles.
Mechanical Designer


Creates detailed CAD based on surface design. Responsible for coordination of hardware design engineering roles.


  • Has experience from component selection in relevant industries.
  • Iterates quickly in relevant software.
  • Is structured and clear.
Manufacturing Engineer


Creates CAM data and is responsible for DFM/DFA. Works with manufacturers of electrical and mechanical assemblies in prototype and production projects in order to achieve cost effective and robust designs.


  • Knows what works and what doesn’t, probably has a broad previous experience from manufacturing in production and prototyping.
  • Iterates quickly in relevant software.
Production Engineer


Works with the LIVI production partner to set up production line and define quality measurements. Has technical and commercial responsibility for LIVI production. Frequent travel for meetings and audits will be required.


  • Has experience from sourcing and setting up production lines for different products.
  • Has deep understanding and skills in quality management systems.
  • Is structured and clear with good communication skills.
Frontend Software Developer


Prototypes and creates production implementations of GUIs.


  • Holds a high proficiency in the relevant programming languages and knowledgeable in the relevant environments. (Linux-based platform experience will be important).
  • Iterates quickly in the prototype stage on standard HW development platforms.
  • Works with good structure and code quality in production implementations.
Embedded Software Engineer


Creates the embedded versions of the prototype software and is responsible for production software architechture. Also manages and creates the drivers for communication between different systems. Makes sure code is well documented according to code quality principles and applicable standards.


  • Holds a high proficiency in the relevant programming languages and knowledgeable in the relevant environments.
  • Is structured and clear with, preferrably, some knowledge in technical writing.
  • Writes code with high quality and documentation level for production implementations.
Electrical Engineer


Is responsible for electrical architecture and component selection from a technical and commercial standpoint. Creates schematics, routing, production files and documentation for electrical systems. Will work tightly with FAES of LIVIs suppliers of electrical components and electrical production partners.


  • Is knowledgeable in the relevant software and has the skills to make a robust and cost efficient system.
Product Manager


Is responsible for the product specification and engineering team deliverables. Drives the crative and technical development of the product and make sure that the product has:

  • Sales material.
  • Technical Documentation.
  • Tests and Qualifications.

Is also the main communication interface for the other roles.


  • Has a broad technical knowledge in different engineering and commercial areas.
  • Possesses high working capacity and good organizational and communication skills.
Purchaser/Supply Chain Manager


Is responsible for LIVI production partners and the supply of components in the LIVI products. Components and production will primarily be sourced in Europe and Asia, which is why travelling will be required. Plans the production together with production partners and makes sure deliveries are on time. Ensures that LIVI always has the best possible prices on components from suppliers.


  • Has a strong network among suppliers of semiconductors, PCB production, plastics, prototype production and electronics mass-production.
  • Is familiar with the component and production requirements of the automotive electronics industry.
  • Has a good technical and commercial understanding and can communicate regarding technical requirements with the engineering team.
Global Business Development


Develops LIVIs business relationships on the global market with a strong focus on China and Southeast Asia. Has daily interaction with customers, partners and suppliers on their site means that you will spend at least as much time on the field as in the office. Makes things happen.


  • Probably has several years of experience from vehicle industry and a proven track record in sales.
  • Has great communications skills in relevant languages and use them both internally and externally.

The employment type is flexible and tailored to fit the individual needs of each employee as everyone has different interests, motivations and life situations.

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